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Read Blumberg – Mix Master

So I was tasked to write something about myself for our website and some questions came to mind:


  • Would anyone take the time to actually read this?
  • Who really cares what I have to say?
  • What in this paragraph is going to make some stranger want to buy our Rubb and SASS?

 So as I sat there pondering what to say I thought about what attracts me to food and drink in general.

 I realized I like to laugh.  I realized I like to talk.  I realized I like to be around other people.  I realized our products make all this happen.  Deep huh?

 So, basically if you like to eat, try one of our Rubs and a variety of our SASS.  You will soon realize they are enjoyable on anything and compliment everything.

 Please review our site and see what we and other believers have to offer for recipes, testimonials and ideas for making your next event or Tuesday night snack a success.  I’m still not convinced anyone will read this.

Dick Blumberg – Spice Master

I’ve has been around a grill as long as I can remember.  Growing up watching Dad grill steaks, pork chops and just about anything else made me want to learn how to make awesome meats.  After learning how to grill, the next logical step for me was learning how to smoke meats.  I learn new techniques each time we get together and enter BBQ competitions.  I appreciate you taking the time to try our products!  Write us with any comments!

A. Winston “The King” Blumberg – Founder and Northeast Georgia Sales Manager

Winston is the master behind the creation of the SASS and Rub. His creative ability to combine ingredients to make one heck of a BBQ SASS and Rub makes him THE KING.