The Product Story


Growing up, our friends would come over to eat because Dad had the grill or smoker fired up most nights.  Dad would cook and Mom would clean.  That was their deal.

 On no particular evening Dad decided to come up with a blend of spices from the cabinet.  Dad always had a way of making things taste good, but we were too young to really care.  Our Rubb was born and we didn’t even know it. 

 Luckily, Dad wrote it down after a while so it would be consistent.  Next thing we knew he was putting it on scrambled eggs and all cuts of pork, beef and chicken.  We even tried it on shrimp and fish.  It was an instant success around the table.

Our SASS has a similar story.  The only difference was the SASS was slightly more sought after than the Rubb.  It seemed Dad instantly had a following with the blend of “juice” as he called it.  Dick and I could never get Dad to come off the recipe.  Dad would make small batches and give it away to friends and family on occasion and they would soon bring back the empties asking for more.  Dick and I had no idea the SASS was born.

 As we graduated from High School and College, Dad still held the recipe close to his chest and would not come off of it for nothing.  After a few years of nagging and telling him he didn’t have time to mess with it anymore, for some unknown reason, he gave us the recipe.  Dick and I knew we needed to do something with it, but didn’t know what.

 We began entering some local BBQ contests and it was confirmed as we, and our friends had known, the SASS was extremely unique and stood out from everything else on the market.  We began some research on how to bring the product to the table and here we are today!


Our products are always made in small batches which give them a unique flavor not found with “big box” brands.  With its perfect blend of Yellow Mustard and Apple Cider Vinegar, originally made by Winston “The King” Blumberg makes the Kickin’ Sass stand out above the rest.  We use only the finest ingredients and take pride in our Kickin’ Sass and Rowdy Rubb.

The Rowdy Rubb is a spicy blend of ingredients used on all types of meat – chicken, pork, beef -  you name it!  Marinating your dish with Rubb before grilling/smoking can add a flavor punch you never expected.

Our products are very versatile and can be used in a wide range of dishes including breakfast items (Rubb is good on eggs!)  Rubb it on everything!